Upcoming Shows!

Ghost Town Gridlock has gone through a lot this year and are emerging triumphantly on the other side of turmoil every time. From personnel changes, technical difficulties, to venue mix ups they have persevered through it all. Currently they are working on new material and due to play a couple of dates in the fine city of St. Petersburg to widen the audience and potential fan base a little. GTG is trying to get the word out that they care about the other side of the bay and want to actively pursue it's opportunities. Please come out and hang out with the band at their upcoming shows and take a listen to some of the new material here! The album will feature the newest member Steve and his guitar. It contains six new songs as well as four remixed tunes from everybody's favorite local punk CD Never Trust a Carnie. The record is currently being mixed and mastered at Bread Box Studios and affiliates. It will soon be available so be looking for a CD release party announcement! We'd love to see all of you there.